'Lost in the Woods' Collection

'Lost in the Woods' Collection started out as a way to move through fear and doubt. Fear of the unknown. Fear of sharing something different. But it evolved into something bigger than I could have ever imagined, pieces for when the lonely sets in or as I call it grief with a capital G. 

The lonely when there isn’t room for your emotions. When those around you don’t understand you or they can’t relate or your emotions are too intense so you shrink them and hide them inside. These pieces are the manifestation of those moments of shrinking and burying emotions. The tangled branches that form a dense forest hiding all of the parts that are too much, too sad, too intense, and too dark to see the light. All those times I kept to myself because it wasn’t the right time to talk about it, I made a piece. 

Some of the pieces are views of what I want to see, those beautiful moments when you emerge from the trees, and get a glimpse of the intricate landscape around you, and although the emotions these illustrations helped me through are intense the black ink is balanced with bright, rich colors. 

Lost in the Woods has helped me in ways I can not articulate and my hope is that a piece will speak to that part of you hidden away amongst the trees gazing out at the beautiful view in the distance. The collection will be available on July 25th 3pm.