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There are a lot of things going on in our country right now and although I have an opinion on many the one that is breaking my heart is the destruction of public lands and total disregard of the planet. I have been contemplating the best ways to get involved and use my art to show the beauty of nature and how we can advocate for healthy diverse ecosystems.
In order to do this next step I need your help! I can illustrate the beautiful species but it takes a lot of research and sometimes it's tough to figure out what to write about each species or community of species or their habitat. When I post the process photos and you know about the species please comment with some important facts. 
I am working to include an information card with all my Illustrations to teach people about the landscape or species but I would greatly appreciate any help on this. I know a lot of you are people who work with insects, plants, forests, and would kindly ask that if you know about the species or the habitat it lives in share that knowledge so this can become a community for learning. 
I am so thankful you all are here and support my art and I hope you will join me in this in any way you can!

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