Meditative Art Session

Purchase a session and gift one for FREE! Use this session whenever it fits in your schedule, with no expiration date! A code will be sent to you or your loved one to redeem at their convenience. 

We will release the class schedule every two weeks to those on our email list and those who have purchased sessions. If you know you want to participate in multiple sessions in a month sign up and want to save $$ sign up for unlimited sessions for that month! 


What is a Meditative Art Session?

Meditative Art Sessions were created out of my own use of art to move through grief. I lost my best friend earlier this year to suicide and turned to art as an escape, my own little universe I could stay in for as long as I needed (or I had filled the page) and I could feel all of my feelings or I could push them away with every pen stroke. The sessions are for you to process emotions while creating art. 

What does a class look like? Do I need drawing experience?

The class will be 60 minutes and you do NOT need any drawing experience. What makes this different from a class is that I am not teaching you a drawing skill like drawing florals or drawing landscapes (yes you will inherently be learning how to draw) but I am providing you a space to focus on your mental well being and helping guide you in how to use drawing to process emotions.

What supplies do I need?

All you need in order to be a part of this is something to draw with and something to draw on, I work in ink primarily, but you can use any drawing implement and any type of paper. The pieces were are going to create aren’t meant to be masterpieces, or even things you want to share with anyone else so the products used aren’t as important as your mindset coming in. 

Class Schedule?

Monday Nov. 30th 830pm EST

Friday Dec 4th 8:30pm EST

Thursday Dec 10th 8:30pm EST