DIY Acadia National Park Embroidery Kit

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Create your own National Park souvenir with our DIY Embroidery Kit! Bring it on an adventure to a park, stitch by the campfire, or work on it at home, to create your own National Park wall art.

-Featuring full-color designs from watercolor illustrations allowing you to stitch as much or as little as you want. As a beginner I was intimidated by kits where you had to finish the whole design in order to put it up on the wall. I wanted to create a kit where I (we) could pick up the design, do a little, and then decide, thats all, and have a finished piece.

-Perfect for beginners (Fully tested and beginner approved) or experienced embroiders. The sample included in the kit is specifically designed for us beginners. Showing whats possible with intro stitches!

Get creative turning your crafting project into a one-of-a-kind art piece!


-Printed fabric featuring National Park watercolor illustration

-One 6" Hoop

-Varying floss colors

-1 cardboard bobbin, to help floss from disappearing

-2 Needles

-Instructions, written by our team's advanced embroidery

-Stitch + Strand Guide, specific to each kit, showing the strands, stitches, and colors used to create the sample. Perfect for beginners!

-Made in Massachusetts

Enjoy creating your own National Park souvenir! We can’t wait to package up and send you a kit.

Hand-Drawn & Painted by Artist Alyssa Black. Maunfactured in the US with our small business partners.

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