White Poplar Letterpress Card

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Size 4x6

White Poplar Trees 

Moving from the West Coast to the East Coast I felt a little lost when it came to identifying trees. The White poplar was one of the first trees I sketched once I moved over here. It wasn't the conifers I was so comfortable drawing but it was a tree I was familiar with. I was hesitant to feature it as one of my first tree illustrations because, although it is a beautiful tree, with its silvery leaves, it is a tree that outcompetes many native tree species here in North America. Dense stands of White poplar trees reduce the amount of sunlight, nutrients, water and space availability for other plants to coexist. I decided to include this tree to help bring awareness of the impacts that non-native trees have on the native trees and plants in each eco-region. 

All my designs are first drawn by hand, then either printed in house or sent off to the letterpress printer. Letterpress gives the trees texture and showcases the hand-drawn pen strokes.

Wrapped in a recyclable see through sleeve and sent in an art mailer, made from recycled cardboard, allows you to purchase a hand made gift while being a conscious consumer.

Can't decide which design? We offer a 4 pack here so you don't have to decide.  https://drawn-to-ecology.myshopify.com/products/tree-card-set

Hand-Drawn & Painted by Artist Alyssa Black. Maunfactured in the US with our small business partners.

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